Whether you are a tenant about to leave a rented property or a landlord who is offering accommodation – you can take advantage of our comprehensive check out cleaning available throughout London. We use professional methods and follow strict checklists (the same used by landlords and agencies operating in the Capital) to deliver a service that will meet the requirements of everyone involved.

What Makes Our Service а Convenient Choice?

Move in and move out cleaning in London

  • A 72-hour guarantee, including a free re-clean;
  • Short notice availability in case you are in a hurry;
  • Not limited in time – we work until everything is completed;
  • Free oven cleaning included as part of the job;
  • Providing all detergents and equipment for the service;
  • Flexible appointment options, including weekends and bank holidays;
  • Wide service range covering all London areas.

How The Move Out Cleaners Do It

  1. We will dispatch a team of cleaners located near you, based on the size of your property and the amount of work (usually 2 or 3) who will arrive at a time you’ve specified.
  2. The experts carry all necessary equipment and detergents and will commence the cleaning session right away.
  3. Special attention will be paid to the areas specified in the schedule, in order to ensure the best results possible.
  4. You will be left with a job completion form, ensuring that the property has been cleaned professionally and a shining place, ready for inspection.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this service can’t be performed up to standard if the tenant’s personal belongings are not removed (or at least packed and gathered somewhere).

Click on the tab below to see what our comprehensive checklist includes. All tasks can be tailored to match your property needs and personal requirements.

The Complete Service Checklist

Additional Cleaning Procedures

  • Wall spot cleaning – When it comes to ending a tenancy agreement, visible marks on the walls are often worrisome. We might be able to do something about it by using sugar soap. However, keep in mind that if the wall is too damaged only a handyman will be able to render you a professional assistance.
  • Deep carpet and upholstery cleaning –If the textile floor coverings need to be refreshed as well to remove visible stains, then we can also assist you with expert hot water extraction or dry cleaning. This is a professional procedure performed with special equipment. It is suitable for most types of carpets and upholstered furniture.

Is somebody unhappy? We’ve got a 72-hour guarantee!

If you notice that some area wasn’t cleaned properly, then please contact us as soon as possible. We will send the team back for a free re-clean. This way we ensure that tenants will get their security deposits back and landlords will be content with the state of their property. See how Londoners evaluate our work in our end of tenancy cleaning reviews section.


Take a look at what our clients have to say about us

Booked the cleaners for both move-in and move-out clean last week and was pleased with everything, except them being a bit late. The team was the same for both properties – they did the flat in the morning and the house I moved in, in the afternoon. Overall a smooth process and I was able to move in a clean home the same day.

Anonymous, Enfield, UK

Appreciated all the work your team did but have a single remark about their timing. They were late an hour and didn’t call, which I believe isn’t a good practice. Other than that everything they did was great and I have no other complaints. Cheers!

Mark Newman

Congrats on the awesome job your team did yesterday. Got my deposit in full and gave your contacts to the landlord for a future reference. Amazing team, really friendly and hardworking. Bookmarked your website as well, to have you close if I need to move again.

Grace Danielle

Just unpacked in my new house and decided to leave you a little feedback and tell you how awesome you were today. Easy booking, effortless communication, and Maria took all my little notes into consideration which I really appreciate. Property inspection is tomorrow. Fingers crossed! xoxo

Salem H

Your cleaners just left and oh my god how they left the place. Squeaky clean, even behind the greasy oven which now looks like new. I also ordered home removals service and my belongings arrived safely, so no issues whatsoever. Please send my best wishes to both of the teams.

Leonne C. S.

Schedule a service with us & Get Your Deposit Back!

To arrange your move out cleaning anywhere in London or ask for an estimate, simply call us on 020 3404 5102 or visit our contact page to fill in the form. We are at your service 24/7. You can also use our live chat and get all your questions answered.